'Small system, big hearts'

The mission of RC4 is to integrate academic and personal life in a residential setting to develop systems thinking using interdisciplinary issues, foster all round student development through in- and out-of-class learning experiences and nurture a spirit of concern and care in students for all living beings and the environment.

The RC4 communities are bound together by common values such as:

Openness and inclusion;

Care and concern for all living and non-living things;

Love for learning;

Confidence in self and others;

and Willingness to pursue continuous improvement as a lifelong goal.

Or so the official website states.

All I know is:

- the official colour was something I suggested because of the colour of the stairwells

> back when we were still staying in CAPT because Yale-NUS was using the RC4 building, and I was popping over to Yale-NUS to visit my friends there.

> and it stuck.

- the name was always meant to be temporary until we found a sponsor rich enough to name a college, but turned out to be a brilliant start to gems like "RC4learning"

- we were trying to be hipster by adding a backslash

> but that stuck too.

- can't remember why we decided on an orca

- house names were supposed to be constellations for some reason I forgot

- Teal Thursdays were are thing; but now they've changed the weekday too.

- Anything Can Happen Wednesdays are a loving memory of the early days where anything worked

- the basement wall is a magnetic chalkboard because we mixed magnetic paint with black paint and chalk paint and we were the proudest of ourselves we had ever been

And I will never regret those two years.